NEWs from THE SITE - 2022.

Summer is here!



The Summer holidays have started for many of us and after all the issues regarding Covid, airport delays and delays at ferry crossings then the 'Staycation' looks to be here to stay. To ensure that we all enjoy the site as much as we can then we have needed to bring in a few changes. They are: - 


X BOOKINGS ONLY - We are only a small site and to ensure that we do not disappoint guests then we now require all guests to book with us before they wish to stay. We can no longer accept guests who arrive without a booking or who call on the day. To avoid disappointment please contact us to make a booking giving us as much notice as possible. Please be aware you only have a valid booking once you receive our booking confirmation email. Simply emailing an enquiry doesn't constitute a booking unfortunately. 

X PAYMENTS VIA BANK TRANSFERS - Since Covid, we have started to move away from cash payments. As part of the booking process, we do give our bank details (for deposit payments) so instead of receiving cash payments we now require all payments via bank transfers. 

X OUR NEIGHBOURS - If you are staying with us and have any issues then please contact us first before disturbing the family or the nursery school who are next door to the site. Please try to not bother the Nursery School and the next-door family. Also, as we are next door to a nursery school and a family home, we do have the noise associated with them. Please be mindful of that. 

X SIGNAGE - We are aware of the issue with lack of signage and we are looking to address it in th e near future. In the meantime, please look to our 'Contact us & directions' tab on our website for detailed instructions on how to find us.



We have listened to your suggestions, worked hard and now have managed to erect a new toilet and for the first time a shower! 

In addition, we have made repairs to the track leading to the site, a demarcation fence to separate the Camping and Caravanning Club site from the rest of the field and we now have a new site telephone with a new telephone number. As such, please replace any old number you may have for us.

The toilet and shower has now been plumbed in and both are working.

We are still trying to improve the signage to the site but as the lampposts are owned by the local authority, we need to confirm signage with them. 

If you have any other suggestions on how we can improve then please get in touch and let us know. 


Hadrians Wall 1900th Anniversary.


2023 marks the 1900th anniversary of the start of the construction of Hadrians Wall.

From the 24th January to 23rd December  2023 several events are happening up and down the length of the UNESCO site.

Stephensons Arms Camping and Caravan site is less than 1 mile from the Hadrians Wall walk and a perfect place to set up camp if you were to enjoy these events.

For further information please visit


Northumberland named one of 52 places to visit in the World by the New York times.

Northumberland has been named by the New York Times as one of 52 places to visit in 2022.

Rated 4th on the list, Northumberland has made it due to our unique coastline, our dark skies sancturary centred in Kielder and Hadrians Wall.

For more information then please visit



introducing a deposit for the site..

During the winter break we noted that we had an awful lot of bookings that never turned up during last season. Because of this, and the limited number of guests we are allowed on site, we had to disappoint a large number of people during 2021.  

To avoid this for the start of the season, this year we are changing our practice by asking everyone with a fixed unit staying on the site to pay a deposit of £10. If you cancel your booking within a week of your arrival then the deposit will be forfeited  


The cost of the deposit may increase if ‘no show bookings’ do not curtail in the future.